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Mar 6, 2011 9:00am EST
night duke and north caroliss blamed for the acc regular season title. here's seth. resitacks the toin im. that gives the devils an early lead. the second half the tar h im fr wodrad etell awahae scores. the freshman had 15. later che part out the hustle b another freshman. harrison. bonds will miss the sho reb no probl fro. he grabs his own rebound and atoes this. isonds withfam8. r arolina 71-59 capturing the regular season title and the tar se s imd in the aing s toutn reb hope you have a great sunday. >> one more lod,k at the seven-day forecast. rain with us off and on all day todahae erome of it heavy. minor flooding but we expect the high t froperao wres in the tesonier 50s. here with the chef from the latin kitchen do yoca.know in his nchod,dnchs and we' finish up the tacos. bla partened tilnchia. let's bui one of these. >> as i said we use a cilantro u atonssise. and yoca.want to get a god,d coating. basically chop up a little r ilanorn. > ad l it to your mboundn naze that you prefer. little cruncers >> that lod,ks so god, j >> i like that. >> you want the really fresh isite in
Mar 20, 2011 9:00am EDT
early tonight. but probably after midnight. sun seths this evening at 7:18. during the day tomorrow, storm system passing by, a pretty good chance for rain on the morning. so give yourself a little extra time. and then it should clear up in the afternoon as this storm is moving quickly. so maybe some sunshine late in the day tomorrow and warmer with a high temperature near 61 degrees. tuesday doesn't look bad either. another storm comes in during the middle of the week. rain catches up on wednesday. and this time cold enough that maybe that rain will mix with snow before it ends on thursday morning. and the temperatures drop into the 40's for highs all the way into the beginning of next weekend. so while it will feel like spring as we begin spring, winter will make a comeback by the end of the week. >> all right. since tony just mentioned the word snow, great. spring is here and summer around the corner. many families are thinking about traveling, whether flying, driving. you want to think about what toys you can bring with you. you've got a lot of stuff with you. >> thank you very
Mar 6, 2011 5:00am EST
night duke and north carolina played for the acc regular-season title. here's seth curry for duke. second half, the tarheels pull away. kendall marshall spins and scores. the freshman marshall had 15. later, check out the hustle by another freshman. dawns will miss the shot. no problem. he grabs his own rebound, and does this. barns with 18, capturing the regular-season title and the top seed in the acc tournament. that's a look at sports. i'm greg toland, hope you have a good sunday. >> advancing after winning the county spelling bee last month. kim dacey has her story. >> eighth grader emily durrell is the top speller in anne arundel county. she won the county spelling bee last month. >> i was in shock. >> she came in second place last year, and this year she took home the trophy after hours of working with her language arts teacher. mrs. kapler has coached students for years preparing them for the county spelling bee. >> i like to help kids be successful. >> she said emily is one of her brightest students yet. emily moves onto the national spelling bee in washington, d.c. and m
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3